Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finally watched Dark Knight Rises

Detective John Blake and Commissioner Gordon.
I finally decided to watch the final installment in the Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy--Dark Knight Rises. Yeah, yeah--I know--I should have watched it ages ago. But please remember that I live in Denver, therefore the theater shooting was rather close to home...one can understand why I would avoid seeing this "very awesome" movie for so long.

Yes, I found the movie very awesome.

Of course, I watched this installment of the Nolan's Batman trilogy right after watching the previous two movies (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) the night before.

The three movies are rather neatly tied together. The first movie ties into the third movie, and the second movie illustrates why Gotham really needs to be destoryed.

(I will admit that the real villian of Dark Knight Rises did surprise me.)

Now, I do have a complaint about the movies--Bruce Wayne is rather a whiner. Ok, I realize that his reason for putting on the cowl in the first place is guilt over his parents' death. But when you watch all three movies back to back (more or less), it gets annoying to listen to Bruce blaming himself for his parents' death.

Honestly, I want Dark Knight Rises to be the last time I see Bruce Wayne as the Batman.

Now, the question is: Will I get my wish?

Probably not, after all--it is Hollywood...it is only a matter of time before a really bad decision happens and somebody wrecks what I like most about Dark Knight Rising.

And that is the possibility of seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt be the next Batman.

I liked the character of John Blake as soon as he opened his mouth (I had no clue about the character's first name); and when Gordon told him that he was a detective now, therefore he was no longer allowed to believe in coincidences (a line Blake later said himself), I thought "Oh, he has to become Robin." Yeah, I loved the final scenes of the movie because of the possibility that we will get to see Batman the Detective rather than Batman the Wounded Poster Child of Guilt Dressed in a Million Dollar Battlesuit.

Hey, I can dream--after all, I occasionally dabble in fan fiction...which is probably the closest I will get to actually seeing what would happen if John Blake became Batman.

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