Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Facebook Games

One of the comments I occasionally get is that I play too many games on Facebook. Some of my business and writing friends think that I should be doing more networking on Facebook; others believe that I should be doing more writing; my occult friends believe that I should be doing more ritual work if I am not going to actually do any writing; my professors don't know how much time I spend on Facebook (hehe), therefore they have no opinion of my activity there. And my wife believes that I should spend my gametime cleaning the house instead.

I am not sure how I found myself on Facebook. I had tried MySpace in the past, and a few other social networking platforms. None of which I spent any time on...I have a programmed aversion to tooting my own horn. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that I like keeping up with friends on Facebook and playing the games, I probably would spend less than an hour there per year.

I started my game playing routine there with Zynga Zoo game...I was an avid player until they recently introduced "feeding"...it has became just another "click and collect" game. At the moment, the three I am playing the most are MafiaWars, Vampire Wars and Cafe World. FarmVille I drift in and out on...it is not a high priority for me (I do like my virtual dog).

Now, I will admit that I do some networking on Facebook (besides friending other occult-oriented writers and fellow occultists)...I have gaming friends. Yes, that is right; I work harder at networking with other Facebook gamers than business-related networking. Sad, but true.

So if you like seeing what I am up to and getting the occasional update about my work, but hate my game updates, just remember---I am a silly person who is ok with advertising how many games I am playing, but hates to impose my own article links on you. (Heck, I post more links to other people's articles than my own.) My game time (which happens whether I am on Facebook or not) allows me to think that I am not just another spammy advertiser.