Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doctor Who: End of Time back to back espisodes

Well, last night I finally got around to watching both parts of the Doctor Who Christmas/New Year special: The End of Time. Back to back, that is. I had watched the second part of The End of Time in January, but was not impressed as much by the second part as I was by the first part.

I will admit that I was wrong. Both parts are equally good. I just failed to take in account the fact that the first part ended on such a high note.

Quite simply, I loved the entire world, every living person in it, turning into the Master (played ably by John Simms). On some level, I found that the second espisode lacking because it did not start on that high note. Watching the espisodes back to back eliminated that big letdown.

My advice to anyone watching The End of Time: watch the espisodes back to back.

(I would also like to point out from a fandom viewpoint, The End of Time opens up a lot of possibilities for fan created fiction. Some of the possibilities I plan on exploring myself in the coming months.)