Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Dwarf season ten--the first two episodes (spoiler alert)

This is how I felt about season nine of Red Dwarf.
As many people know, I was one of the people who were very disappointed in season nine of Red Dwarf. So disappointed, I refused to hold my breath that season ten was going to be any good.

Well, after watching the first two episodes last night, I have to say that they are doing it right this time. Sure, the crew is older--and it shows--but they have returned to the style that made Red Dwarf an interesting science fiction comedy in the first place.

Now, I will admit that I worry about the references to past seasons...but that may just be to help new viewers figure out what is going on. For instance, the first episode dealt with a member of Rimmer's family, and an issue that has plagued Rimmer for years; likewise, the second episode dealt with Dave Lister's family...and well, that is complicated in timely woobly type of way.

Verdict? Well, so far so good. But I am still a little cautious about looking forward to the next episode...because I remember how bad season nine was.

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