Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy 48 Doctor Who!

48 years ago today, the very first episode of Doctor Who was aired on BBC. I understand that other important things happened that day; but let's be honest, I am just not old enourgh to be as heavily invested in them as I have been in Doctor Who.

My first Doctor was actually Peter Davison, and the last Doctor (of the ones that existed at the time) was Tom Baker. I guess that makes me a little weird, doesn't it? I actually saw new episodes with both Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy before Tom Baker.

This odd exposure to the Doctors was the result of my public broadcasting station which were showing the episodes in order---except for the new seasons as they were released to them. I had actually started watching during the first episode of Castrovalva, that is how close I came to having the typically American (80s) experience of seeing Tom Baker first.

Happy 48th Doctor Who---may the good stories keep coming for many more years.

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